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About us

Our MissionThis Is Nuts CEO and founder Ranja Vardali

We’re passionate about eating healthy, staying active and finding adventure in everyday life. We believe that taking care of yourself should be enjoyable. Above all, we’re on a mission to make natural, high end snacks available to everybody. Welcome to This Is Nuts, your one-stop-shop when you want to eat delicious snacks and feel good about it!

This Is Nuts offers a wide range of high quality nuts, healthier snacks and natural sweets with no unnecessary additives, as well as tasty basics like almond flour and coconut oil. Our nuts are truly dry roasted with no oil, a practice that originated in the ancient Middle East. This patented technique gives our nuts a distinct, authentic flavor. Our natural sweets are dipped in the finest Swedish chocolate, and all of our products are sorted and hand packed in Sweden. Plus, we only use wholesome, raw ingredients of the highest quality and always from the first selection.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our suppliers are carefully selected and certified through the BRC Global Standards of Food Safety. The certification ensures transparency and traceability in the supply chain and guarantees that our produce meets EU’s stringent food safety regulations. In addition, many of our nuts, seeds and berries are certified organic. We’re working tirelessly to expand our organic product line, since we believe it’s a win-win for our personal health and the environment.

We also feel strongly about giving back to our community and the people who need it the most. That’s why we’ve partnered with Convictus, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that has helped addicted and homeless people in the Stockholm area since the 1990s. For every product sold in our web shop, This Is Nuts donates 2SEK to Convictus, to support its outreach efforts and health services, which reach 200 people daily.


This Is Nuts was founded in 2012 by Ranja Maria Vardali, a personal trainer and entrepreneur who hails from Sweden’s rural north but now calls Stockholm home. It was Ranja’s devotion to nutrition and personal health that inspired her to build a business that would bring wholesome, natural snacks to the web and beyond. Today, This Is Nuts’ delicious products are a popular staple for several large companies like SAS, Eckerö Linjen and Birka Cruises, as well as the Swedish Armed Forces. In 2016, we also entered the world of retail, with products now filling the shelves of grocery stores in the Stockholm area, including multiple Paradiset, Hemköp and Ica locations. The same year, we officially launched This Is Nuts' web shop, making it easy and convenient to buy nuts online. We're proud to say that the shop brought us a lot closer to our goal of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for all. In 2017, our venture took a new and exciting turn when we were approached by a distributor in Iceland, where our products can now be found in several large grocery stores.

This Is Nuts is clearly on a roll, but despite our recent growth you can trust that we will never lose our integrity or compromise the quality of our products. Our motto is 100% pleasure, 0% guilt. Will you join us on our journey toward a healthier and more pleasurable life?

Ranja Maria Vardali

Founder and CEO, This Is Nuts Sweden AB