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This Is Nuts is the Nordic’s most kick-ass healthy snack brand, and the foremost producer of high quality organic nuts. In addition to nuts, the brand provides a range of delicious snacks and signature cereals to the Nordics and other parts of europe, whilst being synonymous with healthy living. A holistic brand, This Is Nuts believes in not just empowering the individual through healthy eating, but also through healthy living and offer activity camps over the summer and a range of sponsorships to high profile sportsmen & sportswomen. This is Nuts represents a new wave of effortless healthy eating, and a passion for fun. Become a reseller now to join the This Is Nuts mission and sell great tasting, delicious produce. 100% Pure & Delicious.

Contact us: +46 (0) 8 515 100 21

Additional Information


Shipping Costs (for Resellers only):
19 EUR for up to 25kg with UPS
25-50kg - 38 EUR
50- 75kg - 57 EUR
75-100kg - 76 EUR

Resellers within Sweden can choose a half pallet (599 SEK) or a whole pallet (769 SEK).

How do I purchase for my store?

To registrate your company as a reseller, click here to Create Account, When you have created your account it needs to be approved as a reseller account, it's important that you send us an email or contact us by phone +46 (0) 8 515 100 21. We need to know some basic information about your business, for example where it is located, if you have several stores, if you have other requests etc. Account approvement doesn't take long, after you've registered an account and contacted us it takes up to 12h for your account to convert to a reseller account. Once you have your reseller account ready you'll have full access to product prices and will be able to place them in cart.

Our products aren't just delicious, they look great on store shelfs too! We follow all the standards within EU, most of our products are ECO without additives. This is as exclusive as it gets in this nutty business. We strive that the packages and the products within will attract more customers for your business. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

We are stationed in Sweden, Stockholm. This is Nuts is a Swedish brand, all our products are packed here and shipped from our own stock.

This is Pistachios. Beautifully organic, deshelled + delicious


Reseller FAQ

Q1 How are bulk products packaged?
A1 Stylish resealable 250g and/or 500g bags.

Q2 I have a store, can I become a reseller?
A2 If you have a company, then yes! Register as a reseller and you’ll be able to see the products, prices, special prices, campaigns etc. After you have registered as a reseller your account has to be approved by admin.

Q3 Can I buy in bulk for catering for a better price?
A3 Yes, you can register as a reseller and if your company is approved you’ll be able to buy in bulk for a better price

Q4 Can I have "Next Day Delivery"?
A4 Next working day delivery can apply to orders for Sweden. Orders must be made before noon the previous day to be eligible for next working day delivery. We aim to deliver within the Next Working Day, except in circumstances which are beyond our control!

Q5 How long will my order take to get here?
A5 "Our goods are usually dispatched within 48 hours from receipt of order. Delivery is usually by standard delivery & should be delivered within 2 days unless you have specified a different delivery option at checkout."

Q6 I need to return or exchange an item / items in my order.
A6 In the unlikely event that any one of our products don’t meet our own high standards, or if you are unhappy with any of them, we will refund or exchange any products. Please contact our customer services in the Contact Us section or e-mail us info@thisisnuts.se.

A7 Most of our goods are exempt from VAT. For the products that do have mandatory VAT attached, the rate and amount are listed within the product price.

Q8 What is the most important information I should give when placing my order?
A8 Please ensure that your postal code / zipcode is accurate as our delivery & shipment carriers use this as a means to identify your precise location. If you are at work, or likely to be out, you can leave additional delivery instructions for the carrier, either on your order or at your delivery address itself.

Q9 What if something goes wrong?
A9 Any claims in respect of loss / damage / short delivery will not be permitted unless made within two days of receipt of your order. All deliveries must be marked and registered on the delivery notes and This Is Nuts AB should be notified at once.