Linnéa Isaksson is a new This Is Nuts Ambassador

A little over two years ago, Linnéa Isaksson ran her first half-marathon in her hometown Umeå and immediately fell in love with long-distance running. Now studying to become a teacher while working as a running coach, her goal is clear: to become a part of the Swedish running elite. Find out how our new This Is Nuts Ambassador prefers to eat her nuts and why she - somewhat surprisingly - is daring people to rest!

Name: Linnéa Isaksson

Age: 27 years

Hometown: Umeå, now living in Uppsala

Sport: Long-distance running

What’s your ultimate goal as far as your sport is concerned? I have many goals, both in the long term and in the short term. If we're talking long-term goals (really long-term), I see myself becoming one of Sweden's most prominent marathon runners. I have a long way to go but to me it's important to have ambitious goals. If you believe it and want it, it can definitely happen.

What does healthy living mean to you? It means feeling good by balancing the food that you eat, the exercise that you get and your activity level in life in general. To me it's important to eat healthy, but above all to eat well and right. To me, the right food means food that optimizes my training; it has to contain the right things for a specific upcoming or past training session.

How do you stay active on an everyday basis? On average, I train about nine sessions per week; in addition to that I ride my bike or walk everywhere I go.

What’s your favourite nut? I love cashew nuts!

How and when do you typically eat nuts? I usually use nuts to increase the energy contents of my breakfast and my snacks. For example, I use them as toppings on my oatmeal or together with cottage cheese and fruit as a snack. But sometimes at night wen I crave something I often eat natural sweets or nuts from This Is Nuts!

What’s your go-to dish that includes nuts? Oatmeal, quark bowl or overnight oats.

Any training tips that you’d like to share with our followers? Dare to rest! I know that sounds like a strange training tip but it's something that a lot of people forget about. When your body or head feels tired we (including me) have a tendency to keep going. Sometimes it feels good afterward when you keep going anyway, but you can easily tell that the body actually doesn't want to. Listen to your body. There's a difference between not being able to keep going and actually not being able to keep going. Another option is to just make the training that you had intended to do a bit slower or shorter. I also think you should have at least one day of rest each week regardless. Plus, your body will thank you for the rest by giving you a reward - you'll feel a lot more energetic and strong during your next session, and who doesn't want that?!

This Is Nuts Ambassador Linnéa Isaksson