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Osteopath and personal trainer Miranda Källhage recently won a kitesurf course in Croatia from This Is Nuts and Lapoint. Join her in August for a week that is poised to be NUTS!Read More
5/15/2018 11:43 AM By Linda McGurk kitesurf, kite, kitecamp, croatia, neretva, 0 Comments News
Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to kite surf and go NUTS in Croatia - enter now!Read More
4/12/2018 12:48 PM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
From now on you will be able to buy This Is Nuts' delicious products from Bodystore.comRead More
2/7/2018 4:44 PM By Linda McGurk Comments News
Ditch that low-fat diet. Here's how the fats in nuts and seeds can help you maintain or lose weight.Read More
11/21/2017 4:25 PM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
Did you know that you can get your This Is Nuts fix on board SAS flights? Yup, it's true!Read More
5/3/2017 11:33 AM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
Yay! This Is Nuts is growing and we are looking to add a full-time E-Commerce Specialist to our vibrant team in Stockholm.Read More
4/26/2017 2:40 PM By Linda McGurk Comments News
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