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4/17/2017 8:31 PM By This is Nuts Sweden 0 Comments News
Did you know that by buying products from our web shop, you can help homeless people in Stockholm?Read More
4/4/2017 5:58 PM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
Taking the ferry to Eckerö or going on a cruise to the Baltic Sea this summer? Then check out our nuts on board.Read More
3/7/2017 4:17 PM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
Would you like to win a box full of snacks for your work place, and a fitness program for yourself? Now is your chance!Read More
2/28/2017 2:42 PM By Linda McGurk Comments News
This Is Nuts is growing - here's how to get our products on a grocery shelf near you!Read More
2/23/2017 11:50 AM By Linda McGurk 0 Comments News
Meet Mekto Ganic, the holistic raw food chef, certified sports nutritionist, recipe creator and cookbook writer who is This Is Nuts' newest ambassador.Read More
2/6/2017 9:56 AM By Linda McGurk Comments News
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