Fancy a quick, healthy snack during your morning commute with Eckerö Linjen? Or maybe you ponder a weekend away with world class food and entertainment on a trip with Birka Cruises? In either case, you'll soon be able to enjoy some of This Is Nuts' delicious products during your time on board.

This Is Nuts products will be sold on board cruise ships starting May 1, 2017

This Is Nuts recently clinched a deal with Eckerö Linjen and Birka Cruises to provide a selection of some of our most popular nuts and snack mixes from our product line on three of the companies' ships. Starting in May, 2017, the cruise lines will offer This Is Nuts' snack size bags of trail mix - Healthy Fruision, Ultimate Luxury Nut Mix, Cashew Roasted & Salted and Viking Berries & Nuts - for purchase in the caféterias on board. Travelers headed to Åland and other international destinations will also be able to purchase This Is Nuts' larger bags of This Is Precious Cashews and Roasted & Salted the Ultimate Mix in the ships' tax free shop.

"We're extremely pleased to have this deal in place," says Ranja Maria Vardali, This Is Nuts' founder and CEO. "Birka Cruises and Eckerö Linjen are known for valuing high quality food, so they were a great fit for us. Plus, we like to be where people are having a good time and making great memories, and obviously these cruise lines are the perfect partners for that."

Eckerö Linjen operates several daily tours between Grisslehamn and Eckerö, Åland. Birka Cruises offers cruises around the Stockholm archipelago and beyond, including select destinations around the Baltic Sea. Both corporations are owned by the parent company Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö.