Do you enjoy raw food? Are you dabbling with a plant-based diet? And most importantly, do you love being inspired by delicious and unique recipes created by a professional foodie? Then keep on reading.

Introducing Mekto Ganic, This Is Nuts' new brand ambassador and resident "Food Nut." With this new ambassadorship in place, you'll be able to enjoy Mekto's fantastic recipes on our blog every week. Mekto will also use our nuts, seeds, dried fruit and healthy pantry essentials in her classes, and work closely with our team as we develop new products.

Mekto Ganic - This Is Nuts' Ambassador

If you're not already familiar with Mekto, she's a certified holistic raw food chef extraordinaire and has taught classes about plant-based diets for over a decade. She's the founder of mEKtO made in Sweden and has written several vegan and gluten-free cookbooks. Mekto is also a recipe developer, certified nutritionist with specialization in sports nutrition and sugar addiction, certified director of CBT Stahre´s method in eating disorders and addiction, certified allergy- and health tutor, and health motivator.

Mekto uses her expertise in holistic health to educate and help others reach goals such as losing weight, overcome sugar addiction or improve overall wellness through a healthy diet. Rather than following any fad diets, Mekto bases her recipes on foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts and naturally gluten-free and fiber-rich grains. Her cooking and baking classes, as well as her speaking engagements, are extremely popular with restaurants, companies, bakeries, schools and the general public.

"I found This Is Nuts by chance on the shelf of my local grocery store," Mekto says. "The brand was totally new to me. I looked at the bag - I think it was Crazy Cranberries - and put it back. I kept browsing, but I think it was the name that drew me back to that section of the aisle. It just put a smile on my face, and I wondered who would come up with a company name like that. I couldn't resist buying the bag of cranberries, and since that day I've eaten my way through the entire product line."

Mekto shares This Is Nuts' overall mission to make it easy and enjoyable to have a healthy and active lifestyle. She doesn't use chemicals, GMOs, processed foods or artificial sweeteners and colors in her cooking, and all her recipes are based on whole, real food ingredients.

We can't wait for Mekto to start using our products and share her yummy creations, and the feeling is mutual. "Not only are This Is Nuts' products really, really good, but the team behind the brand is wonderful as well. I'm really looking forward to us working together," Mekto says.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mekto's first recipe on the blog soon. We suspect it may involve cranberries