After a hectic year working as the show director of the Swedish TV show Talang and performing in the show Seebach in Copenhagen, dancer, choreographer and This Is Nuts Ambassador Kenny Svensson is taking some time off to wander the world and discover himself in the process. Tag along for the ride as he takes us to Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and beyond in a series of four blog posts. Part three.

Touchdown in Singapore. This place was just as a small layover in my itinerary and I had three days in this crazy city with beautiful buildings and a city vibe. It truly was a crazy couple of days. I lived in a Cube-hostel, which is a corridor with cubes that you sleep in; you share bathrooms and have stalls for your stuff. It was the best experience, so much fun meeting new people and sharing space with people from all over the world. I truly can recommend it. My days in Singapore were good for me, it was the first major city I had visited since Ho Chin Minh City and it was definitely calmer and smoother than that experience. I spent my days walking around listing to podcasts, reflecting on what I have been through not only on this trip but this year. I found myself stopping at every café I came across, to either write or read for about an hour. My book during this time was a book by Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund called Tid (Time), which I loved. It truly sums up what time can be like and push us through, it’s a very heartfelt book and written from pure honesty by the writers. I have since that book also become very intrigued with their podcast, and it’s nice because it's so honest and makes me think about the topics brought up especially from my own point of view.

This Is Nuts Ambassador Kenny Svensson in Singapore.

When in Singapore you have to visit Gardens by the Bay, a beautiful garden by the signature hotel ”Marina Bay Sand”. It has two beautiful domes of flowers and trees. It truly is incredible. It’s a full day of just strolling around with your thoughts and your peace. In one of the domes there is an exhibit about climate change that is both amazing and truly heartbreaking. The things we do to our environment and our animals make me hurt. Right there and then I decided to truly make a change for me. Will and can I stop flying to these destinations I’ve been visting and want to visit? No. BUT I can make everyday choices to lessen my footprint. Simple choices that we can make on a daily basis to give our planet some peace.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

After Singapore I entered my last chapter of this journey, flying to Kuala Lumpor and then from there to Colombo, Sri Lanka. My home. This will be my third visit to this beautiful island, my birth place. I was adopted as a baby (3 months) to Sweden. Even though I've been there twice before this would be my first time ever being there alone. I spent ten days catching up with friends that I have made during my previous visits, surfing every day, doing my yoga and also just sitting by the beach with a book. Or even just looking out and sending thanks for my life. Staying truly present and aware of the power or now. This would be my final chapter on this life-changing journey, this journey of truly connecting to myself and the deeper world around me. Distancing myself from ego and finding true happiness from the simple things. And, most of all, finding that I’m good enough as I am.

Riding the train in Sri Lanka.

On December 11 my dad came to visit. He turned 70 during 2018 and my birthday gift for him was a ticket to Sri Lanka to come visit me and also to take me back home to Sweden. Just like 34 years ago. My dad has not traveled since the early '90s and it’s been 34 years since he and my mother were in Sri Lanka. Seeing him at the airport made me so happy that I teared up. He had come all this way to visit me and I knew at that moment that I had achieved what I needed from this trip. I was home. My dad and I traveled around and talked about memories from his trip but also my life. I opened up to my father in ways I have never done before and we connected beyond the ways we've connected before. This experience was overwhelming more so than the overwhelming experiences I had had previously because this proved to me that I had changed, I had done my work, I had peeled off layers and I was ready to return home and manifest this. It wasn’t the outside that had changed, it was the inside. I was ready, ready to return to Sweden. Which we did two days before Christmas. It felt so nice having my father with me on the flight back. It made me safe, and gave me a feeling of protection. My dad knew and so did I, I was ready.

Kenny Svensson and his father in Sri Lanka.

I remembered taking off from Arlanda on September 1, it had been late night and I was crying because I was so scared, not of this trip but of letting go and trusting. It was dark and rainy. Now, on December 22, there was snow on the ground, still and calm. My dad knew and I knew, I was home.