Being a northern European, the racing season is a bit limited. If you've read my blog posts before, you know that I like to write, “I race, therefore I am”. But what northern Europeans like me lack in seat time during the very long winter, we gain in hunger to race. It’s been obvious to me in the past, that while all my competitors have been getting behind the steering wheel of a race car in preparation for the first race, I have been eagerly awaiting (while working hard towards) the start of the season. As a competitor and a human being, it is normal to question yourself and your preparations in a scenario like this. However, racing is a pure game for the mind. Never underestimate the strong drive to succeed built up by watching from the outside in. And sure enough, come crunch time I continue to surprise myself in just how much I want it.

Alx Danielsson Monster Jam Stockholm 2016

Well, crunch time is finally here. My season starts on the 17th of March in Saudi Arabia driving…no, flying..a Monster Jam monster truck, and I can’t wait to get going! Some of the other drivers have been at it every weekend during Q1, while it’s been four months for me out of a race car/truck. Make no mistake though, this time I am fully expecting to do what I don’t expect to be expecting. Or something. I intend to follow my steep learning curve in this particular niche of driving and I intend to do great. To go nuts. Because I’m the Race Nut. This is nuts! #gonuts

Alx Danielsson Monster Jam Saudi Arabia

Anywho, going to Saudi means getting a visa. And I don’t mean a credit card. So that will be happening between then and now. In other news my new (used) AMAZING road car has just arrived to Sweden. First port of call is Exclusive Cars who helped get it here from Germany. As soon as registration is finished I will have a new commuter. If you can call a 1,000 horsepower beast that. But then again, since I’m Race Nut I think I can! There will be a lot of work going into that vehicle between now and the grand reveal during Easter.

Alx Danielsson's new road car

Till next time: “I drive, therefore I am!”