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  • Surf's Up at This Is Nuts' & Lapoint's Kite Camp!

    At This Is Nuts, selling natural, delicious snacks has always only been part of the story. We have a holistic perspective on health and our other passion is to challenge people stay active in fun ways that don't necessarily involve a gym membership. That's why we've partnered with Lapoint Surf Camps to offer you an experience truly out of the ordinary - a one-week kite surf course at a certified kite school in Neretva, Croatia! We're leaving in a month - are you in?

    This Is Nuts Camp in Croatia

    Neretva is known as a prime spot for kite surfing because of its large beach and shallow, flat water. As a bonus, the area is framed by scenic mountains and beautiful nature areas to explore. Oh, and did we mention that we will provide free nuts for you to snack on all week?

    The details

    The inaugural This Is Nuts Camp will run August 11-18, 2018. Each morning we will enjoy a hearty breakfast at one of the camp's villas in nearby Komin, followed by some free time to play a game of tennis, hit the trails or simply explore the picturesque streets of the village on foot. When the gentle afternoon winds begin to roll in over Neretva River we drive to the kite spot and surf our hearts out, guided by experienced instructors who know how to make the most of a day on the water.

    This Is Nuts Camp in Croatia

    At night, we'll enjoy fresh, Mediterranean cuisine for dinner and maybe a glass of wine from one of the local vineyards, together with newfound friends from all over Europe. The next day, surf, snack and repeat!

    "Endless amounts of kiting, a speedboat safari and a beautiful stand-up paddleboard tour are all included in this adventure-packed camp week," says Marit Nore, Lapoint's kite camp manager.

    Both beginning and experienced kite surfers are welcome to the camp, since the lessons are tailored to each individual's needs, whether you're just learning the basics or want to practice a new trick.

    This Is Nuts Camp in Croatia

    "We're really stoked to be working with Lapoint," says Ranja Vardali, This Is Nuts' founder and CEO, who will be kite surfing for the second time in her life during the camp in Neretva. "At This Is Nuts we think it’s important to combine a healthy lifestyle with fun and adventurous physical activities. Kite surfing requires both strength, energy and precision for success, but to achieve your best you need to replenish your energy with good food, like nuts and seeds, which are rich in healthy proteins and fats. That’s why we see a natural fit between our nuts and Lapoint’s kite surf camps."

    This Is Nuts Camp in Croatia

    We only have a few openings left, so make sure to reserve your spot at Croatia's #1 kite surfing paradise today!

    What's included:
    – 7 nights accommodation incl. AC and WIFI in one of our cozy villas in Komin
    – 7 breakfasts
    – Free use of gym in the morning from 07-08 am
    – Stand Up Paddle tour on Neretva River
    – RIB safari
    – Transfer to and from kite spots (daily)
    – 1 week ticket to Neretva kite spot (includes basic insurance, rescue boat service, use of changing room, toilets, showers and air compressor)
    Package options:
    Kite course level 1: 12-hour kiting course, 2 students per instructor.
    Kite course level 2: Includes 6 private lessons, designed for optimal progress.
    Kiters package: If you’re travelling with your own gear or if you don’t want lessons.
    See HERE for further details.

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  • Miranda's New Challenge: Learning How to Kitesurf in One Week

    "If it's meant to be, I'll win," 24-year-old Miranda Källhage thought to herself as she entered This Is Nuts' contest on Bodystore's Instagram account on a whim. And win she did - one week at Lapoint's IKO-certified kite school in Neretva, Croatia, as well as 5kg of snack mixes from This Is Nuts. On August 11 she's off to Croatia to learn how to kite surf, and she's up for the challenge.

    Miranda Källhage won a week-long kitesurfing class in Croatia with Lapoint and This Is Nuts.

    "I love traveling but I've never done a trip like this before, so I'm super excited!" says Miranda, who works as an osteopath and personal trainer in Gothenburg. "I think it's importanat to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone in order to grow as a person. Maybe you have one mind set today, but everything can change - life has a lot to offer."

    Miranda knows a thing or two about challenges. When she was younger, she suffered from orthorexia, a condition that makes you obsess over eating healthily and avoiding foods that aren't deemed as "pure." People who have the disorder typically read ingredient labels compulsively, cut out an increasing amount of food groups from their diet, spend hours every day thinking about food and, like anorexics, restrict their food intake to the point of malnutrition. Miranda describes it as living in an "unhealthy eating disorder bubble."

    Miranda Källhage won a week-long kitesurfing class in Croatia with Lapoint and This Is Nuts.

    About six years ago, Miranda started an Instagram account, and quickly gained a lot of followers. When she finally got on the path to recovery from her eating disorder, she felt inspired to share it with them to help others in the same situation. "I wanted to cheer them on to break the vicious cycle," she says. "It annoys me when people say that it's impossible to recover from an eating disorder, because I know from the bottom of my heart that I've been 120% recovered the past two years."

    Miranda Källhage won a week-long kitesurfing class in Croatia with Lapoint and This Is Nuts.

    Today, Miranda has a healthy relationship with food and training, and lives by he motto "no musts, no guilt". She eats a nutritious and varied diet but doesn't shy away from indulging with an occasional pizza or hamburger on the weekend. Above all, she listens to her body and believes in balance. And nuts and seeds are a given part of the equation. "My favourite is the peanut, but cashews are super tasty as well," she says.

    Even though Miranda is a personal trainer and stays active in her free time, she's never tried kitesurfing before. "I'm a total rookie," she says. "My goal is just to go and have a good time and do my best."

    Would you like to join Miranda and the This Is Nuts team in Croatia on August 11-18? Sign up for our nut-themed kitesurf camp with Lapoint here. The camp caters both to beginners and experienced riders, just choose your level when you register for the camp. We promise sand, sun, surf and FREE nuts for everyone at the camp all week!

    Join This Is Nuts and Lapoint for a week of kitesurfing in Croatia

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Meet up with us for some sun, sand and amazing kite surf in Croatia.Read More
7/10/2018 1:16 PM By Linda McGurk kitesurf, kite, kitecamp, croatia, neretva, 0 Comments News,
Osteopath and personal trainer Miranda Källhage recently won a kitesurf course in Croatia from This Is Nuts and Lapoint. Join her in August for a week that is poised to be NUTS!Read More
5/15/2018 11:43 AM By Linda McGurk kitesurf, kite, kitecamp, croatia, neretva, 0 Comments News,
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