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  • Aceituno Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

  • There’s good reason why Guide Michelin-rated restaurants across the world choose to serve
    Aceituno Premium Extra Virgin Oil. This high-quality oil is worthy of selective palates. Fresh, fruity and with notes of mint, green almonds, artichoke and fennel, our extra virgin oil strikes a perfect balance in intensity between spicy and bitter.

    Aceituno Premium Extra Virgin Oil is produced from olives that grow at 1300 meters above sea level in the Spanish mountain range Sierra Sur de Jaén.

  • Get Real Tiger Meal - 500g

  • Revolutionise your baking and cooking with our finely ground tiger nut meal - a completely nut-free and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Get Real Tiger Meal is made of our organic Got Guts Tiger Nuts, which are vapour roasted with a unique method to remove impurities and enhance the sweet flavour and chewy texture. Plus, our tiger nut meal is packed with fibre!

  • Soft-Ground Almond Flour - 400g

  • Soft-ground almond flour, 100% organic and ground to perfection. Our fine almond flour is delicate to touch, delicious to taste, and perfectly good for your body. Not only is our almond flour made from organic almonds (and tasty), it's a great alternative to normal boring, wheat flour. Get your baking game on!

  • Precious Coconut Flour - 500g

  • Finely ground and certified organic coconut flour. We make our Precious Coconut Flour from only the best coconuts. Aside from being high in fibre and gluten-free, our coconut flour is perfectly light and airy. A great low-carb alternative to ordinary, boring wheat flour. We dare you to try it!

    Old Pris:62 euro, 25% off rabattpris:46 euro

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    Price as configured: €54.76